What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

Cannot say enough good things about these guys! When our washer majorly flooded our house, they were out to start cleaning within the hour even though there was an active hurricane happening. Andrew, Tristan and team were extremely professional and thorough. Andrew stayed in excellent contact with us throughout the entire process and made the entire ordeal much less stressful. Great guys, great service, 10/10 would recommend!

Erica, Andrew, Matthew, Dylan, Lucas, Nick, Tristen, Tyrell, Jake & Matt went above and beyond to help us with the unexpected flooding of our home. The entire team is very professional and communicates with us on a daily basis. We appreciate everything the SERVPRO team has done for us!! Thank you!!

I had a water leak and when your guys came on scene they immediately went to work testing and checking things out. They immediately put in equipment for pulling out moisture and drying things up! They sprayed the stuff to stop the growth of bacteria and mold and immediately pulled up the wet flooring and removed my cabinets and stuff! I am impressed with how educated they were on top of their drive to get the work done in a fast timely safe and CLEAN manner! Thanks to James, Nemisis, & Triston my family and I are comforted in the fact everything has been treated and it is safe for us to return back to daily life the best we can as they come and put in a new kitchen and flooring! Thanks you guys so much!!

The owner of property I am renting called SERVPRO to clean and prep a closet and walls that had some exposure to water. They came the 1st day bringing not 1 but a handful of people and quickly got things straight. The entire time they were extremely courteous and displayed real professionalism. Thank you and special shout out to James, Andrew, Virgil and Nick that made renter's experience great.

During a rough week, I discover the AC was leaking. My insurance company recommended we contact SERVPRO, which I promptly did. I've used them before in a completely different state so I had faith they guys would be as good as the ones. They did not let me down. A big shout out goes to James, James B, Kerry, Denise, Tristan and sorry if I missed anyone , for a job well done professionally. I cant say enough good things!

If you need them, call SERVPRO of Baldwin Co, they are Great! My Gulf Shores condo got flooded out (water leak above us). I called them on the 3rd of July, and they were there! Granted, getting flooded out and loosing our vacation wasn’t ideal, but James B, Devin, Chris and Mark took great care of us! It would have been much worse without them.

I had a water issue that flooded a back bedroom. SERVPRO had someone out within an hour and they went to work immediately. They took care to save what they could property wise and answered any question I had. Very professional and helpful! Highly recommend the James and James team!

I had a water damage at my home recently. SERVPRO of Baldwin County was there instantly to remove the water and dry my home. They did an excellent job. I could not have asked for better service.

SERVPRO made a bad situation a lot better. Trisha was very knowledgeable, patient and kind. I enjoyed the James, Lee, and the crew that came out to my home. Thank you, SERVPRO!

Extremely professional, excellent customer service, and thorough –  The crews left everything extremely clean and organized. The final result looked good as new!

SERVPRO was nice, polite, and very professional.

The crew and office were wonderful. Everyone was very helpful and exceedingly polite. SERVPRO's tag line is "Like it never even happened" and they truly made it that way.

We live three states away and SERVPRO took care of the water damage in our rental property without our even having to take off to travel. We felt very comfortable leaving our property in their hands, and were very impressed with both their level of professionalism and service.

The crew was outstanding in their service, explanations of the process, and overall professionalism. We highly commend them and the SERVPRO office staff for a job well done.

Both the crew and the office were amazing. Everyone was knowledgeable, helpful, and easy to work with. We enjoyed being around them, and we are so thankful for the work they did. I would recommend them to anyone.

I have used SERVPRO of Baldwin County several times and they have continued to provide me with exceptional service. They are professional and empathetic. I am very grateful for them.

SERVPRO did a great job. I am highly impressed with the crew leader James's level of professionalism, hard work, attention to detail, and the way he talked me through everything prior to performing the work so that I understood what to expect.